Bennet's Corners Community United Methodist Church
The Church at the Cross-Roads
Hinckley, Brunswick, Strongsville, and North Royalton
47 W. 130th Street ~ Hinckley, Ohio 44233 ~ 330-225-5623

Pastor Amy's Thoughts:
Our Vision:

A Church full of Family and Faith.

Our Mission:

Embracing all people through Learning, Worship, Prayer and Fellowship.

Our Philosophy:

"God Loves Us Just the Way We Are and God Isn't Finished With Any of Us Yet." (C4AP)

Throughout the liturgical year we offer many opportunities for worship. Join us for inspiring messages, great singing and memorable fellowship as we gather at the crossroads. Opportunities abound as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ through our service to others, our education, our planning, and our recreation.

47 W. 130th Street ~ Hinckley, Ohio 44233
Sunday Worship services ~ 9:30 AM
Fellowship time ~ Right after worship
Sunday Bible Study ~ 11:00 am.

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